Adaptive Onboarding Programs

Seamless Onboarding for International Recruits

We specialize in providing invaluable support to companies during the onboarding process for recruits from abroad. Our expertise in understanding cultural dynamics, social structures, and human behavior contributes to creating a more inclusive and culturally sensitive environment.

Cultural Orientation Programs

Immerse recruits in cultural nuances to ease their transition into your workplace.

Communication Support

Facilitate effective communication channels for better understanding and collaboration.

Individual and Group Counseling

Provide personalized support to address the unique needs of each recruit.

Feedback Mechanisms

Establish mechanisms for ongoing feedback to continually enhance the onboarding process.

Family and Social Support

Extend support beyond the workplace, addressing the well-being of recruits and their families.

Why hire a business anthropologist?

Getting support from external anthropology experts when onboarding recruits from diverse backgrounds is highly beneficial. 

We know a lot about different cultures and help create onboarding programs that meet the specific needs of new talent. By using our insights, companies can make onboarding more considerate and inclusive, reducing cultural differences and building a cohesive workplace. 

This smart use of anthropology expertise not only makes it easier for international hires to adapt but also promotes a workplace culture that values diversity, teamwork, and understanding.

What are some common issues?

Hiring recruits from abroad can introduce several issues for a company, ranging from cultural misunderstandings to logistical challenges. Cultural differences may lead to communication gaps and varying work styles, impacting team dynamics. Language barriers can hinder effective collaboration, and navigating legal and immigration complexities can be time-consuming. However, we as external anthropology experts can help address these challenges.

For instance, in a multinational tech company, anthropologists helped bridge the cultural gap between local and incoming international members by facilitating cross-cultural communication tune-ups. They provided insights into work styles and norms, fostering a more cohesive and collaborative environment.

By understanding and navigating these common issues, we contribute significantly to building a more harmonious and effective work environment for companies with a diverse or diversifying workforce.

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