Internationalize HR-Support

The key to international success lies in navigating the intricacies of different cultures. Our research-driven approach empowers Human Resources during the internationalization of a company, providing a comprehensive toolkit for creating a culturally sensitive and successful global workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion

Shape inclusive HR policies to foster diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Communication Strategies

Transform communication approaches for effective collaboration and teamwork.

Employee Adaptation

Facilitate adaptation for employees in diverse cultural environments.

Conflict Resolution

Navigate conflicts with cultural understanding and sensibility.

Ethical Considerations

Address ethical challenges in diverse regions with our research-backed guidance.

Why hire a business anthropologist?

Having an outside expert in anthropology is like having a secret weapon for HR’s global efforts. 

Anthropologists are pros at understanding different cultures and human behavior, making us key players in managing a diverse workforce. We help HR develop strategies for hiring, communication, and keeping employees happy. 

The external perspective of anthropologists is like a fresh pair of eyes, helping HR identify aspects that might be overlooked and ensuring that the plans are well-suited for an international team.

How does it work, for you?

When a company expands internationally, HR faces the challenge of fostering collaboration across diverse cultural teams. 

Introducing an anthropologist to the team offers insights into the organization’s cultural dynamics. With a deep understanding of human behavior, we design research methods targeting crucial elements like cross-cultural communication. We explore daily work environments through observation and interviews, uncovering overlooked insights. 

This external perspective not only evaluates organizational culture impartially but also provides HR with actionable recommendations to fine-tune talent management strategies for a global workforce.

Data Protection


Our standard is to process your data flawlessly and appropriately so that you can use our services safely. We follow strict ethical principles.


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