Let’s Talk Company Culture!

Unlocking Organizational Mysteries

Welcome to a transformative journey of understanding and improving your company culture! Through our immersive group activities and enlightening dialogues, we dive deep into the intricate dynamics that shape your organization. Explore the following thought-provoking topics:

Decoding company culture

Let’s talk about the unspoken rules and patterns of behavior in the office.

Engagement myths

Let’s talk realistically about employee engagement and its better chance.

Power of storytelling

Discover the (good and evil) power of storytelling in company culture.

Work well-being inquiries

Let’s talk about work well-being as a group project.

Sense Community

Let’s explore the fascinating concepts of ‘community’ and a ‘sense of community’.

What do these conversations do
for you and your colleagues?

Having conversations with a business anthropology expert and colleagues can make your daily work life much better. 

By listening and talking together, you get a deeper understanding of how your organization works and communicates. Our ideas on social dynamics, ethics, and storytelling in the workplace bring fresh perspectives. These talks help you learn from each other and create a more inclusive and respectful work culture. 

Exploring these insights together encourages teamwork, creativity, and a better way to solve problems, making your professional environment more enjoyable.

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