We bridge business and Anthropology in 6 ways.

1.Strategic Streamlining Solution

Enhance your business efficiency using our Strategic Streamlining Solution. We explore your company's culture, communication, and workplace dynamics to make transitions smooth and operations streamlined. Rely on us for a clear understanding of your company, making informed decisions for better efficiency.

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2.Internationalize HR-Support

Anthropological research becomes your guide to navigating the challenges of international expansion. We offer HR teams a holistic approach, from cultural understanding and cross-cultural training to talent management and ethical considerations.

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3.Strategic Management Transition

Uncover employee viewpoints crucial for effective management transformation during company reorganization and leadership changes.

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4.Adaptive Onboarding Programs

Enjoy the global onboarding journey with our Adaptive Onboarding Programs. Designed for recruits from abroad, our commitment to understanding cultural dynamics aims to promote a rewarding transition, creating an inclusive environment that values diversity.

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5.User Behavior Insights

Understanding people is our strength. From making your product easy to use to telling stories that hit home, we use anthropology tricks to ensure your design and marketing are spot-on for everyone.

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6.Let’s Talk Company Culture!

Spice up your team events! Bring in a business anthropology expert for your team day or public event, delivering insights on organizational culture, employee engagement, storytelling, and cross-cultural considerations. These discussions aim to enrich day-to-day work life and promote a more informed, inclusive, and culturally aware workplace.

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Enhance your business during times of change by bringing in external business anthropologists. Our range of services smoothly incorporates anthropology into your company's structure, creating a profound grasp of your culture, communication patterns, and workplace dynamics.

This integration of business anthropology into your transitional process empowers your business with well-informed decision-making, fostering inclusivity, and cultivating a workplace that is culturally aware.


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