Strategic Management Transition

Guiding Your Organization Through Change.

Our qualitative research is the cornerstone of successful management transformation. It aligns strategies with existing culture, identifies employee perspectives, and informs effective communication. 

Cultural Understanding

Deep dive into the cultural fabric of your organization to align strategies with its values and traditions.

Employee Perspectives

Gain valuable insights into the thoughts and feelings of your employees, ensuring a smooth transition.

Stakeholder Analysis

Identify key stakeholders and analyze their interests, ensuring a comprehensive strategy that addresses all concerns.

Narrative Analysis

Uncover the stories within your organization to understand how narratives shape perceptions and influence change.

Feedback and Co-creation

Foster engagement by involving employees and stakeholders in the feedback and co-creation process for a collaborative transition.

Why hire a business anthropologist?

Engaging an external anthropology expert becomes a strategic move during management changes, particularly in leadership transitions and organizational restructurings. 

Our proficiency in cultural analysis allows us to objectively assess the evolving dynamics within the organization. By relying on our expertise, businesses can adapt their strategies to align with existing cultural contexts, employee expectations, and stakeholder interests. 

This external perspective enhances the decision-making process, ensuring a well-rounded and culturally sensitive approach to navigating the complexities of management change.

How do we do it?

The external anthropological expert utilizes fieldwork as a powerful tool to support management changes. 

Through on-site observations and in-depth interviews, we uncover the intricate layers of organizational culture. This immersive approach allows us to understand the unwritten rules, power dynamics, and employee sentiments. 

We then translate these qualitative findings into actionable insights, aiding management in making informed decisions during transitions. 

By directly engaging with the workplace environment, the anthropological fieldwork ensures a comprehensive understanding that goes beyond surface-level changes, fostering a more effective and adaptive management strategy.

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